Free Assisted Living Guides & Workshop

The Guide for Potential Residents: helps potential residents and their families choose an assisted living community that is the right for the resident.

The Guide for Current Residents: helps people already in assisted living assess whether their residence meets their expectations and suggest ways to work with staff and othe residents to make it better.

The Guide for Assisted Living Direct Care Staff: a unique resource that recognizes that staff members know the residents the best and can implement changes to create the most satisfying environment for the residents.

The Guide for Assisted Living Managers: helps managers make their management vision a reality, by providing practical tips and case studies that help staff meet residents' need and overcome typical obstacles.

Assisted Living Guide Workshop: In order to effectively let people know about the assisted living guides, and how best to use them, LTCCC developed a "train-the-trainer" workshop that can be used by thosewho help or work with seniors to show people how to use the guides and how to help others use them. This popular PowerPoint demonstration is free to download and can be adapted to many situations, such as training of long term care ombudsman volunteers, in-service staff trainings, senior services organizations, etc...

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