Assisted Living Oversight Across the U.S.: Overview and Summaries of States' Requirements & Practices

Overview of State Survey Laws, Regulations & Policies for Assisted Living Charts Detailing Individual States' Policies & Practices

As a result of the lack of federal rules and standards for assisted living, the development of requirements for things like quality of care, minimum safety and living standards, residents’ rights and medication management is left to individual states.  Because of this, standards vary greatly across the country, as does the quality of their enforcement and oversight of assisted living providers.


 We believe that this overview is unique in that it focuses on how individual states conduct oversight and monitoring of quality.  Previous reports on assisted living have provided valuable information on things like service & staffing requirements, medication management and physical plant requirements. Unfortunately, information on how facilities are held accountable for meeting these requirements is hard to find.   This compilation of available information for each of the states will help the public, policymakers and journalists find out about critical assisted living accountability issues that affect the safety, dignity and quality of life of the elderly who rely on assisted living.

The charts includes detailed summaries for each state with available information on issues relating to assisted living oversight, such as:

·         Whether licensure is required;

·         Which state agency oversees assisted living residences;

·         The frequency of inspections;

·         Whether inspections are announced or unannounced;

·         The composition of the inspection team;

·         The training of the surveyors;

·         The survey protocol used;

·         What remedies or sanctions are used for facilities with care problems;

·         Whether a facility can challenge agency findings; and

·         Whether inspection reports are made available to the public.

The goal of these resources is to enable both consumers and policy makers to better understand the ways in which the various states monitor the quality of assisted living care.  LTCCC intends to make periodic updates to this resource as more information is made public and as state laws and regulations change.


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